escribe toda la historia de cristobal colon en ingles, luego la de simon bolivar igualmente en ingles y luego has el analicis en ingles, de hoy en 4 dias

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Christopher Columbus (place discussed, c. 1436-14561 - Valladolid, Spain, May 20, 1506) was a navigator, cartographer, Admiral, Viceroy and Governor General of India in the serviceof the Crown of Castile, famous for making the called discoveryof America in 1492.
The origin of Columbus is under debate and various locationsare postulated as their homeland. The thesis is supportedmostly born in Genoa, although the documentation that exists is not about lack of gaps and mysteries, besides his sonHernando Colon, helped to generate more controversy in this respect by hiding their origin in the book devoted hisprogenitor.2 as a result many hypotheses have emerged and theories about their origins that make Catalan, Galician, Portuguese and Jewish.
Until the publication of Martin Waldseemüller map in 1507, the American territory was known as "West Indies" and, though possibly Columbus was not the first European explorer of America, can be said that he discovered a new continent toEuropean civilization, to be the first to map a route to and fromtaking advantage of the currents in the Atlantic route is still usedtoday.
He made four voyages to America. His first expedition departed on August 3, 1492 from the port of Palos de la Frontera(Huelva), arriving at Guanahani (today in the Bahamas) onOctober 12 of that year. This decisively pushed the global expansion of Europe and various European powerscolonization of much of the American continent and its people.
The name of Christopher Columbus in Italian CristoforoColombo, and Latin Christophorus Columbus. Thisanthroponym inspired the name of at least one country,Colombia3 and two regions of North America: Canada BritishColumbia and the District of Columbia in the United States.                                                          

Simon Jose Antonio de Bolivar and Trinity Ponte Palacios y Blanco, better known as Simon Bolivar (Caracas, julio3 24, 1783 - Santa Marta, Republic of Colombia, December 17, 1830) was a Venezuelan military and the politicalpre-Republican era Captaincy General of Venezuela, founderof Gran Colombia and one of the leading figures of American emancipation against the Spanish Empire. Contributed decisively to the independence of the present Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.
In 1813 he was awarded the honorary title of Libertador by the City Council of Merida in Venezuela, Caracas after beingratified in that year became associated with his name. The problems to carry out their plans were so frequent that even saidhimself that it was "the man of difficulties" in a letter addressed to General Francisco de Paula Santander in 1825.
Participated in the foundation of Gran Colombia, a nation thattried to establish itself as a great military and politicalconfederacy in America, of which he was President. Bolivar isconsidered by his actions and thinking "Man of America" and a leading figure in world history, as he left a political legacy in various Latin American countries, some of which have made him an object of veneration nationalist. He has received honors in several parts of the world through statues and monuments, parks, plazas, etc.. Likewise, his ideas and positions and socialpolicy gave rise to a current or posture called Bolivarianism.


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